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Cannabis & Hemp Consulting

Worldwide Cannabis & Hemp Consulting

CSB Security is owned and operated by Chris Besenyoi and was officially started over 9 years ago. Over the past 6 years, Chris has worked as a senior associate consultant for various well-known consultant firms, within the world, including operating as a Senior associate consultant and "go-to guy" for the most well-known consultants in the cannabis & hemp sector today.

Even though CSB Security Inc is owned & operated by Chris, it's no secret that behind every business owner there's a very strong team of professionals that help to create the "Gold Standard" that CSB Security offers to it's clients today.

Whether your looking for some simple feedback for your facility design, need us to create documents for your application or need us to attend your site to review your site readiness, CSB Security will be there for you.

Corporate Consulting

Worldwide Corporate Security Consulting

With over 17 manufacturer certifications in various security systems offered in the world wide market today, we're uniquely positioned to assist you in the design and deployment of ideal and robust security systems no matter where in the world you may be located. 

With our team of experts, we can assess risks to your corporation, design an ideal security system based on your requirements in addition to industry best practices, help find you a suitable system installer, manage that installer, commission your security system, create documents to support your security program and help you to ensure those systems are operated correctly while ensuring your staff follow the security protocols created for your site.

Chris Besenyoi Owner of CSB Security Inc
Chris Besenyoi 

"CSB Security Inc was founded on the idea that security consulting does not have to be cumbersome to the client. We work with our clients to ensure they realize their security goals, while abiding by any corporate visions, in a cost effective and client needs based manner. We're a highly skilled bunch of professionals that each have unique personalities that compliment each other when we work as a team. We get straight to the point, tell it like we see it, no BS, work well with others and check our ego's at the door."

Our Worldwide Stats (2021)

Securit Projects Thus Far
Projects we've worked on thus far.
Consulting in Different Country
Countries we've completed projects in.
Certifications in Security Hardware
Manufacturer Certifications
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