Threat & Risk Assessments 
Threat & risk Assessments Worldwide

The Threat & Risk Assessment (TRA) is a formal document that outlines the risks associated with a specific site while also providing recommendations on how to reduce those risks. This document outlines the methodology used to create the assessment (ASIS Standard, RCMP Standard, Nuclear Standard etc), clearly articulates relevant risks associated with your site, gives recommendations on how to reduce risks, gives your facility a risk ranking, identifies crime maps for your area and evaluates emergency services response times at a minimum.

Security System Design & Engineering 
Security System Design Worldwide

The creation of an ideal and robust security system design that incorporates security industry best practices, lessons learned in a relevant industry, and potentially any regulatory requirements. This service includes:


• Device plotting on several architectural floor plans. Plans include Access Control,       Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance and Emergency Duress for both the               interior and exterior of  the site.


• A full security system design that should be used to help create your security            program. 

Security System Optimization & Migration 
Security System Optimizations Worldwide

We’re often approached by corporations to give guidance and recommendations on how to optimize their existing security systems to either be less cumbersome or to pave the path for future expansions.


More often than not, our clients find that their existing security systems are lacking in various different areas and are looking for ways to migrate existing systems to newer, and better, platforms.


On the other side of the coin, some corporations are finding that their security system designs are over-engineered causing them to reach out to us to review quotes or designs for potential cost savings.

Sound familiar? We can help. 

Physical Security Plans & Operating Procedures 
Physical Security Plans and SOP's Worldwide

The Physical Security Plan (PSP) is an important document and  usually accompanies a Threat & Risk Assessment and Security System Design to form a robust security program document set.


In some cases, the PSP helps governing bodies to understand the security system design for your facility an how that design is compliant with applicable regulations. Government officials will review this document in depth to ascertain whether they believe your facility is protected according to regulations and according to industry best practices and trusted security design methodologies. 

Rounding out an ideal security program, a set of Security Operating Procedures (SOP) is usually created to help guide employees on how to operate any security systems and how to abide by any corporate protocols surrounding security at a site.

Security System Installation Tendering & Project Management 
Security System Installations Worldwide

With years of experience managing security system installations under our belt, paired with over 17 manufacturer certifications, were uniquely positioned to help you find a security installer, manage that installer and commission your security system installation.


Even though most security installation companies claim to have lot’s of experience installing ideal security systems, some claim to be the cheapest solution on the market, some cut corners and some purposely leave out required items in their quote to appear to be the cheapest solution…there are still many high-quality and honest installation companies out there. Let us help you find them.

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